5 Design Tips to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Bathroom updates often remain at the top of home improvement to-do lists for years, but these projects don’t have to be daunting. With a little creativity, most people can accomplish their goals. Use these tips to update a 1970s bathroom or to add personality to a cookie-cutter space. They’re simple, and they don’t have to break the bank.

Bathroom updates

1. The Vanity

The vanity is one important item that can become dated quickly. On a tight budget, a basic vanity can be transformed with new paint and hardware. Outdated counters can be replaced along with the sink and faucet. Keeping the existing base is an effective way to save money and prevent waste from entering the landfill. If a vanity isn’t right for the space, it can be replaced with a space-saving pedestal sink.

Design Up Bathroom The Vanity

2. The Walls

Correct ugly patches, drips and unsightly bumps with a sleek paint job. Soothing sage greens, rich earth tones and brilliant oranges are popular colors that might work with the rest of the home. For a chic country look, add wainscoting or faux paneling constructed with a narrow horizontal board and vertical furring strips.

Bathroom The Walls

3. New Fixtures

A new low-flow toilet can pay for itself and cut those monthly water bills in half. Those who already have water-saving fixtures might invest in a new faucet, a modern glass shower door or luxury showerhead. Upgrading light fixtures is a great way to modernize an older bathroom and make the space more appealing.

Bathroom New Fixtures

4. Accessories

Experts such as Lang’s Kitchens suggest adding new towels and accessories as a fast and easy way to give a tired space a fresh look. For a spa-like environment, replace old towels with plush white ones. A new shower curtain can do wonders for the look and feel of a room as well. Don’t forget about the floor either. A soft rug will make a stark tiled floor cozier and more comfortable.

Design Up Bathroom Accessories

5. Tiles

Carefully selected tiles can turn a ho-hum bathroom into an elegant space. Pre-assembled tile sheets and self-adhesive products make it easier to match intricate patterns and small shapes. Tight spaces, such as the narrow strip between the vanity and medicine cabinet or the area between the shower surround and ceiling, can benefit from the addition of decorative and functional tiles.

Design Up Bathroom Tiles

Being creative is the best way to maximize a budget and make projects happen. Presenting a variety of affordable, mid-range and high-end options gives you a chance to inspire more customers and transform more homes.