How to Obtain a Loan With Poor Credit

Although the process of borrowing money isn’t extremely simple, there are ways to get a loan with poor credit. In order to simplify the application phase, you must fully understand the signs that mean that you have bad credit.

Poor Credit Signs

If you’re currently paying unusually high interest rates, your credit score isn’t ideal. Certain actions can also hurt a credit score, such as failing to pay important bills on time. Besides these issues, you probably have poor credit if:

– A cell phone provider won’t let you sign a contract.
– You can’t obtain a lease for a house.
– You’re only paying the minimum payment to reduce debt.

Each of these situations can affect a credit score and make the loan process more challenging. The big benefit is that there are ways to get a reasonable loan without having great credit. However, because some methods are a bit complex and time-consuming, you’ll need patience so that you can select the best option that suits your needs.

Credit Union

Credit unions don’t operate exactly like traditional banks because profitable shareholders run each institution. Since credit unions are nonprofit organizations, the shareholders are able to reward loyal members with reduced processing fees, lower lending costs, and a higher level of customer service.


Borrowing money from family is probably the easiest option. However, to avoid disputes, you must handle every personal loan like a traditional business transaction. This means that you should print out formal documents that contain the terms of the loan. You should also create a contract that addresses the interest rates and specific actions that will be taken if the loan isn’t paid back on time.

Try Alternative Loans

For many people, finding a lender that provides easy installment loans will be less of a hassle. You can find many lenders with an online and over-the-phone application process. While people with poor credit can be eligible for these loans, they tend to have a higher interest rate, but with flexible repayment options, this can be a good solution.

Consider Home Equity

A home equity loan isn’t the best option for everyone. To obtain this loan, your home must have equity. Your credit score won’t be considered during the application process because the home will be used as collateral. Also, you’ll have a reduced interest rate since your home will help you secure the loan.