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Your business is growing. You made the right moves and invested at the right time. Orders are coming in faster than they can be filled. This is a great problem to have, however without careful planning and staying a step ahead of the game, you may find yourself right back where you started. Planning for expansion is as important as personnel, taxes, insurance, and equipment. One area often overlooked by growing businesses is shipping and logistics. Many try to use existing shipping departments relying on a variety of shady shipping companies. Picking a quality global shipping/courier group to handle your growing company’s needs is the smart choice.

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Business owners and managers who call for a courier quote might initially expect to suffer some sticker shock. Rates by these premium companies are often thought to be substantially higher than lower-quality shipping outfits. However, this isn’t always the case, and it doesn’t take long for these same decision makers to realise upfront savings are not worth lost or damaged items. It can take only one damaged pallet or crate to vaporize a quarter’s profits. Choosing a quality courier service is the smart financial choice.

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Global courier services didn’t start out offering national or worldwide service. Like most businesses, they grew over time by offering a good product at a good value. The reliability of these specialised shipping companies is second-to-none.

These top-performing companies often boast newer truck fleets and equipment (resulting in fewer breakdowns and missed connections), user-friendly websites, and courteous, well-staffed customer service departments. These amenities ensure the best possible environment for getting your freight, cargo, or packages where they need to be on time.

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Another tricky realm of logistics is managing shipment through international borders and customs checkpoints. All too often shipments sit in limbo for days or weeks while officials and representatives squabble over paperwork and fees. Large shipping companies know how to handle these checkpoints and ensure your shipment moves through with minimal delay.

Additionally, most elite courier companies offer live, real-time tracking of packages so you know with confidence where your packages are and when they’ll arrive.

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Because these companies have invested millions in infrastructure, technology, and equipment, you may think their prices and quotes will be out of reach for your business – but you’d be wrong. In many cases, the streamlined systems and procedures used by these titans enable them to operate at much smaller margins than smaller less-equipped companies, resulting in surprisingly low rates. A good courier company is often much better insured than others, meaning if your shipment is lost or damaged, you’ll receive compensation more quickly and with less hassle.

compensation more quickly

Logical Logistics

As you plot a course for your growing business, do not fail to include one of the often-overlooked but critical areas – shipping and logistics. Investing a few hours of research into choosing the right logistics company for you will save time and money, and as a growing business owner or manager, you know that saving both are critical to success.

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